Toys and Games Industry Market Research Report 2017

  • Published Date: Mar-18
  • 70 Pages
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This market research report identifies Hasbro, Mattel, Ravens burger, The LEGO Group, and TOMY as the key vendors in the global toys and games market. This report presents a detailed analysis of market by product type, market segmentation, sport market share, sport industry trends, retail format, and geography.

Overview of the global toys and games market •

Frank n Raf’s Market Research Report predicts that the global toys and sports market will grow by around 5% CAGR during the forecast period. One of the primary factors in the development of this market is the wide popularity of TV shows and movies. Blockbusters such as Frozen, Star Wars and Despicable Me have increased retail sales globally. Many special stores also insist on TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory and Friends. For example, Hot Topic, a US-based retail store earns a large part of its revenue from TV-based goods and animation collections. Apart from this, popular movies like Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League are also most likely to accelerate the sale of collectibles during the forecast period.

One of the latest trends that will draw traction in the market is the emergence of 3D printing. 3D printers are expected to become more affordable in the coming years, and as a result, the licensors are focusing on authorizing their products by automatically authorizing (DIY) goods and revenues. Some key licensors such as Sesame Workshop and Hasbro are also licensed to 3D printing companies for specific business items and are separating them from licensed ones.

Competitive analysis and key vendors •

With the presence of internationally renowned toys and game makers, global toys and gaming markets are classified by product discrimination, price competition, relatively less brand loyalty and less buyer switching costs. Due to their increasing popularity, online channels are competing stiff competition for major store formats such as hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Key vendors in the market are: • •

• Hasbro

• Mattel

• Ravens burger

• The LEGO Group


Other prominent vendors in the market are •

• Funtastic

• JAKKS Pacific

• Lansay

• LeapFrog Enterprises

• MGA Entertainment

• Playmates Toys

• ToyQuest

• Vivid Imaginations

Partition by retail format and analysis of global toys and sports markets ••

• Specialty Stores •

• Hypermarkets and supermarkets •

• Department stores •

• Online retailers

According to the global toy industry analysis, during the special store segment 2016 dominated global toys and sports markets. Specialty stores are individual retail stores that offer a single type of products and are mainly operated by consumers who like the idea of buying a store. Toys and games are specially available at specialized stores and are usually primary shopping destinations for many consumers who contributed to the increase in the size of the global toy market.

Geographic Partition and Analysis of Global Toys and Sports Market •

• Americas •

• APAC •


In terms of geography, the United States led the development of global toys and sports markets and is expected to grow further in the next four years. This area is one of the largest annual toy fairs. Online sales of traditional toys and games are increasingly increasing popularity and Scientific toys, which will be important factors in promoting market development in this area. The US, Brazil and Mexico are currently major contributors to the development of the global toy market in America.

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