Global Cordyceps Militaris Market Size, Trends and Forecast to 2025

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Cordyceps militaris is a valuable port for many phytonutrients (plant chemistry) for natural medication and Confirmation about its use for the reinforcement of various body systems has been available since ancient times. Among all species, cordyceps militaris is a valuable medicinal fungus and it is considered an ancient source of some valuable chemical ingredient. In addition to his famous application for tonic solution, components of C.militaris are widely used in medicines. Biological activities of C.militaris focus on increasing the effect of anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and sperm. Generally, cordyceps were used to increase energy, aphrodisiacs and respiratory troubles. However, demand for C.militaris-based supplements in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East is increasing.

In current years, the utilization volume of natural medicinal products has expanded at the expansion rate of 10% yearly, and Western Europe nations have started to unwind the confinements on Chinese herbal drugs. The requirement for the conventional herbal medications surged in China as well as in other countries also in the recent time.

The worldwide Cordyceps Militaris market is characterized on the afterward bases: • Global Cordyceps Militaris Market, by Application, 2015-2025 (US$ Mn)

• Anti-diabetic

• Antitumor

• Anti-inflammatory

• Apoptotic o Anti-asthma

• Anti-oxidative

• Anti-hepatotoxicity

Key Players Recognized for Cordyceps Militaris Market includes:

• Jiangmen Honghao Bioscience Co., Ltd.

• Nutrastar International Inc.

• Liaoning Limin Cordyceps Co. Ltd.

• Hebei Cangzhou Cordyceps Co. Ltd.

• Henan Huazhong Biotech Co. Ltd.

• Anshan Huayu Biotech Co. Ltd.

• Dalian Lanshi Cordyceps Biotech Co. Ltd.

• Beijing Jingdu Cordyceps Biotech Co. Ltd.

• Ningqiang Likangfuxi Biotech Co. Ltd.

• Shenyang Juxin Cordyceps Co. Ltd.

• Shangdong Rui Zhi Biotech Co., Ltd.

• Jiangxi Xiankelai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


• Sunrise Nutrachem Group

• Dalong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

• Yunxin Cordyceps Biology.

This report offers: •

• A summary on the worldwide market for cordyceps militaris •

• Company profile emphasizing important information about key players working in the Cordyceps Mlitaris Market •

• Depending on product approval, and the current and estimated market mobility, every level of the market class was highlighted. •

• Challenges like qualitative assessment tools, market drivers and future scenarios •

• Fractal map assessment, market share analysis such as market competition test equipment •

• A group overview of the industry structure

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