About Us

Frank n Raf is one of the eminent companies in Market Research and Consulting Services, headquartered in Pune, India and soon will be in United States. We provide more options to our clients when it comes to market research and consulting services. We provide accurate and transparent industry insights, syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and top we expertise in consulting services.

Frank n Raf creates qualitative marketing research reports used for marketing and strategic planning in all sectors of industry, including airlines & transportation, food and beverages, oil & gas, media, energy, technology, materials, healthcare and chemicals and more. With an inherent understanding of many business environments, Frank n Raf offers strategic objective insights.

We also provide a slew of consulting services including due diligence, strategic planning, portfolio analysis, comprehensive market/industry analysis and market assessments.

We update our market research studies every quarter to ensure our clients get the most recent, relevant, and valuable information. Each year, Frank n Raf completes more than 80 multi-country markets, competitor, customer, and sourcing intelligence studies for clients covering.